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  1. The Certified Managers Course is a annual course You must take this course ever year to stay compliant .
  2. It is mandatory that you take this class. Please do not confuse your five year permit with your training requirments 
  3. This course must be processed by an attorney. Upon completion of this class after resources in the program you will see in the navigation column certificate . Please fill out the box and press enter or submit . That form will go straight to the attorney and she will send you your certificate to send to the state of tennessee
  4. The state must have that form from the attorney .
  5. At the end of the course if you have any questions the attorneys name and phone number will be available to you for any questions you may have regarding the course .
  6. Its ok if you need to log out and then log back in at a later time thats the advantage to taking this course online versus a classroom setting ( Just remember Your user & password )   
  7.  You must take the clerks course to go along with this as well both copies must be submitted to the state a copy of your managers certificate issued by the attorney and your certificate of completion from the responsible wine vendor program
  8. The attorney fee is included in your training fee. There are no  additional and hidden
  9. Please be mindful that Once you complete the course the attorney will send you the Managers Training Certificate to submit to the state .
  10. Once you  have submitted the training course for the responsible vendor you will need to make a copy because one copy has  to be submitted to the State and the other copy must remain at your location available for review. 
  11. You do not have to mail the clerks certificate in for your clerks just add their name to the clerks list and add your name to the clerks list as well .
  12. The clerks list will require a fee depending on how many clerks you will have .
  13. Please Contact Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission about additional requirements outside of training.  Start in our online training tab on our menu or     enter here >>>> online classroom designated permitted manager  

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