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Frequently asked questions

If you do not see the question you may have . Please feel free to call us (615) 499-6540 or contact us via email


  • What is a Responsible Wine Vendor ?
    A Responsible Wine Vendor is a vendor that has received certification from the commission ( TABC ) to sell wine by the bottle to individuals for off premise consumption that has met all the statutory and regulatory requirements set forth by the commission ( TABC )to encourage vendors to be prodent in their selling practices of wine , and to restrict or reduce the sanctions that may be imposed in the administrative proceedings by the local beer boards against the vendors. Certification is valid for 1 year only to renew annually.

  • What is the Application Process ?
    Clerks must be trained by a Responsible Vendor Program Trainer or Online Training Program within 61 days from the date of hire. The first course is at minimum (2) two hours of instruction , excluding breaks Annual refreshers can be shorter than two hours.

  • Is The Responsible Wine Vendor Program Online a State Program ?
    Yes!!! We are a State of Tennessee Approved Alcohol Awareness Program . We are approved to teach in classroom and Online Training

  • How do I get into the course
    From our from page. Go to the home button click on the Online Training Link in our menu . Select the red link for access into the course.

  • What Form of payment is accepted
    We accept every major credit through PayPal. You are not required to be a pay pal customer to take our course. Pay Pal is just a safe way of paying online

  • Will I get a certificate
    Yes ! Upon Completion of our course . Click the Get Certificate ... Print Your Certificate.. Do not send your certificate to the state .. The certificate will remain at your location available for review . Add your name to the Clerks List and send it to the TABC along with a fee and the requested requirements

  • What if I have more than 10 clerks ?
    If you have more than 10 clerks . Please contact our office . We will set up the user names and passwords for you.

  • May I take the Manager Permit online as well
    Yes ! The Certified Mangers Permit is available online

  • What If I am a Liquor Store or Grocery ?
    Any establishment ( Retail Package Store (Liquor Store) / Grocery /etc. ) Must participate in the Responsible Wine Vendor Program...

  • When will I get my Managers Certificate
    Upon completion of the Designated Permitted Managers Course . Request a certificate at the end. Once you have completed the course . The attorney will email your certificate to you

  • What about my blue card ?
    The blue card is valid until expiration... All new employees must take the new responsible wine vendor program...Once the blue card expire...All clerks will have to become certified clerks...( Responsible Wine Vendor Program)

  • When will I get my Responsible Wine Vendor Certificate ?
    Upon Completion of the course and when you have completed your 25 question certified test . The system will allow you to print a certificate of completion in the course.

  • I made a mistake - I put my maiden name in the profile
    One you have completed and printed the certificate ; We can not change what's on the profile . Think about it , If the information on the profile can be changed and reprinted - No one would be required to pay .

  • How Much is the Course ?
    We are still the least expensive in the State. The course is $18.95

  • Will Responsible Wine Vendor setup usernames and passwords
    Yes ! We can set it up for you. If we set up any usernames and passwords the fee does change . It is cheaper to press the log in , create a username and password. Cheaper To set it up yourself. The price will change if you do not go through the online portal .


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