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A Responsible Wine Vendor is a Seller Of Alcohol that has received certification from Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission to sell wine by the bottle to customers for Off Premise consumption. Example :   The customer patronizes your establishment to  buy or purchase  wine to take to their homes or another location for comsumption ( drinking). Any Retail Food Store that sells Wine by the bottle for ( Off Premise Consumption) must be a Responsible Wine Vendor. The Responsible Wine Vendor must meet all stautory and Regulatory requirements set forth by Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission to encourage vendors to be prudent (responsible) in their selling practices of wine , and restrict or reduce the sanctions that may be imposed in the administrative proceedings by the local beer boards agaisnt the vendors. This Program has been called in the media WIGS or Wine In Grocery Stores....Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission reconize this program as The Responsible Wine Vendor Program. Certification for this program is valid for 1 year only to renew annually.      


How Do I Become A Responsible Wine Vendor ?  

We have made it easy for you. You have come to the right place for all your training and educational requirements.

Becoming a Responsible Vendor begins with training both the Certified Manager and the Clerk. The Managers and Clerks must be trained before submitting any paperwork to Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission. All the Managers must be trained prior to submitting the Certified Managers application and fee . The Clerks must be trained before filling out the clerks list . Failure to train your employees before submitting your paper work will delay the processing of new applications and renewals .


How Do I Become A Certified Clerk ?

Certified Clerks must be 18 years of age , You must complete a in house or online Responsible Wine Vendor Training Course to obtain certified clerk status  . Please go to our online traing tab in our menu or click here to begin your course         Click Here >>>>> Responsible Wine Vendor Program       (Retail Package Stores & Grocery Stores )               Click Here >>>> Responsible Vendor Certification (BEER)


How Do I Become A Certified Manager ( Designated Permitted Manager ) ?  

 To become a Certified Manager ( Designated Permitted Manager ) You must take the Responsible Wine Vendors Course & The Managers Course . Both Courses must be taken annually ( Every Year) . Your Permit is good for five years - The permit that you've obtain from the State - Not Your Training. You must take the Designated Permitted Manager Training every year , to stay compliant at you business. In order to maintain and keep your permit compliant , you must take both courses every year , to keep up with the most current rules and regulations. You do not have to pay the  application fee to the state but once every (5) five years . In order to keep you compliant and up to date on all alcohol laws regarding managment ; The mangers course must be taken every year.  Don't worry - We've got you covered start here... Click Here>>>> Designated




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